Blackjack card counting strategy and the role of a trainer

Blackjack differs from other games in that with the proper skill, the gambler can beat the casino. Each player should take some time to practice and master blackjack card counting, the technique that can reduce to advantage of a casino to zero.

It is evident that online blackjack card counting allows the player to keep track of the ratio between the high and low-value cards remaining in the deck during the game. This helps to calculate accurately who owns the advantage and to manage the rates in accordance with it. If the deck is dominated by cards with a high value, then this means the player’s advantage. If it’s low, then the dealer has more chances to win.

Blackjack card counting — skills and strategy

So, what is the essence of any blackjack card counting strategy? This is the ability to count the remaining cards in the deck that can provide a gamer with fairly accurate information about the likelihood of a useful card for the player’s hand. There are variants of it, but the main one, based on high, medium and low-value card counting to help a gamer make better decisions, will be described here.

Most varieties of BJ use six to eight decks for a total of 416 cards. It would seem very difficult to remember all the cards that came out, but this is not necessary. Instead, the cards are assigned points or grades based on the amount of which one can judge the odds. The original system underwent many changes and upgrades and was divided into two independent strategies. The first is easier to learn but less effective. The second, on the contrary, is difficult to use in practice, but it is more effective.

Online blackjack card counting techniques

Regardless of the strategy, the following rules when playing BJ, must be used:

  • Assign a meaning to each card;
  • Keep blackjack card counting throughout the game;
  • Calculate the true number (the number of high, middle and low cards remaining in the deck) using the formula: True number = number of moves / remaining decks;
  • Increase rates as the true score increases, and decrease as the score decreases.

This strategy is ideal for playing live blackjack. Here one can concentrate on counting without panic, which is impossible in a land-based casino. If a gambler can focus, he will make good bets. Every time a large card appears on the table (10 or higher), the player must subtract 1 from the total. When dealing with a small card (from 2 to 6), he needs to add 1 to the total. Middle cards (7, 8, and 9) are simply ignored.

For example: if the value of the grand total is +3, it means that the next cards will most likely be large, so it is extremely profitable for the player to make a big bet. If the grand total is -2, the dealer will have a better chance due to the expected small cards, so it’s better to pick a small bet.

When the deck is shuffled, the count goes back to Zero and the player starts new blackjack card counting.

Counting cards using trainer

Today, one can download any simple blackjack card counting trainer and use it on a mobile device or a PC. These trainers can be Apple and Android apps:

  • Blackjack Joe;
  • Card Counter Lite;
  • Simple Card Counting;
  • Blackjack All-in-one Trainer, etc.

Over time, card counting will no longer require the additional effort, but this skill needs to be trained.

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