Blackjack tips for professionals and prompts for BJ beginning players

All BJ players visit land and online casinos with one goal — to win, and to do it, they use various blackjack tips and tricks. Here, no one will mention dishonest gamers, who try all types of scam. The result of their attempts is always predictable — they are caught and if not punished, then blacklisted. Further, no one respected casino will let them enter its doors or site. Here, only legal prompts will be discussed.

Blackjack tips for casino gamblers

Blackjack cards deck shuffling here plays if not the main, then — a very important role. Almost all shuffling schemes work according to the same principle, the only difference is in the use of additional funds and more people. This scheme requires a well-trained memory from the gambler, but it becomes much easier to beat the casino. However, this tip can work only for professionals. Besides, some skilled old gamblers that visit one and the same casino for years, know a croupier, whom they can trust. They simply “learn” the way of his shuffling, and can “calculate” the probability of getting this or that card. Newbies will hardly deal with these tricks. All beginners should better follow these blackjack tips to win:

  • Draw a card if the hand is less than 17, when the dealer has 8, 9, 10;
  • Stop if getting more than 11 points in total, when the dealer has 4, 5, 6. The dealer is forced to take a card and at 40% he will bust;
  • Never place an insurance bet unless a player is a card counting professional. One can determine the chance of winning the insurance rate only by counting cards;
  • Double with a 10-point card if the dealer has 9 points or less. In some variants of blackjack, doubling 9 is prohibited, and many also limit doubling with a soft hand against the dealer’s 4, 5 or 6;
  • When, as a result of the deal, a player will get two cards of the same value, he can split them, while increasing the original bet by half;
  • Don’t split 10’s and 5’s — these casino blackjack tips must be learned by heart;
  • Always split 7 and 8 when the dealer has a card of the same value or lower. Split 2-to-3 when the dealer has 4, 5 or 6 and always split Aces.

Increasing stakes during a successful game and minimizing them when a player feels he is not lucky that day, should be also considered.

Tips to play online BJ

When a newbie wants to master this game, he needs to play BJ at online casinos until he understands its inner sides and starts using blackjack tips. Internet casinos offer the opportunity to play in practice mode. One should use this right without risking losing money. Playing the game with a blackjack strategy is a good choice. A player must rely on it and act according to its prompts. Besides, he has to determine the budget for the game ahead of time and stick to it. It is recommended to play at the table where the minimum bet is 5% of a gambler’s gaming budget.

It is always better to preference to playing BJ with a live croupier. In a real- dealer game, the gambler can control every round of the game and do not depend on the RNG.

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